About Earl

Hello Everyone,

I am Earl (A.K.A Junebug by family and friends) and I have been struggling with weight loss seriously over the last 10+ year since I retired from the Marines in 2003 after 20 years of service.About Junebug

Since my retirement, I have gained weight, loss weight, developed high blood pressure and began feeling that my weight gain had affected my personal and professional life to the extent that I finally said to myself enough is enough and I had to do something about it.  To put things in perspective, at 18 years old I was 155 lbs when I enlisted in the U.S. Marines and today I weigh 270 lbs.  Currently I am 6″2 with a BMI of 34.7 and granted I am 53 years old but “damn” that’s a lot of extra weight.  When I retired in 2003, I only weighed 204.

Honestly, the initial reason that I created this site was to create a running log for myself to track my weight loss progress (a journal if you will) but then I thought that there were people like myself (men over 50 yrs old) who could also benefit from what I’ve learned during this journey to become healthier, slimmer and the best that they can be (go Army. lol) at this age.

Please, if I say anything within future posts that captures your interest, please feel free to get involved and drop a “Reply” on the site.  I love to talk about dieting and health topics and if you have anything else interesting that you want to share or opinions please, by all means hit me up.  I love feed back in every form.

Thanks for dropping in to check us out.  I really appreciate it,

Semper Fi